It Just Takes One

I was a hard-working father of two when my life changed forever. A workplace accident left me with broken ribs, a twisted back, and an injured spleen. I was prescribed painkillers to manage the unbearable pain and it didn’t take long for me to get hooked.

My name is Adam and this is my story.

Eventually, I got kicked out of my home and was told that I couldn’t see my kids. When it felt like I’d reached a dead end with nowhere to go, House of Friendship was there. And it’s all thanks to caring people like you.

As someone who’s been homeless, I know that shelter is just one piece of the puzzle. A roof over my head was great, but without support to manage my addiction, I’d never get the chance to begin again. House of Friendship gave me shelter and support and that made all the difference.

Here, I have access to help 24/7. I can get medical care and the support I need when I need it. I’ve gotten help to replace my ID cards, disability support, and I’ve been looking for an apartment. I am so grateful that I’ve been given a second chance for a better future.

I never thought this would be my story. Now I know that many people right here in KW are just one crisis away from homelessness. But also, that it takes just one caring person to help change a life. As winter hits, we need your support more than ever, to help guys like me come out of the cold.

You can make a difference for other people just like me who have no place to call home. Please consider providing shelter and support to others in our community today!

Give Hope Now


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