Stable Housing Brings New Beginnings

It’s taken a long time for Courtney to feel at home.

Courtney is beginning again, thanks to the help he receives from Supportive Housing team members like Jen McGuire.

As an adopted Black child growing up in a white family in Kitchener, Courtney was the target of racist taunts from his classmates.

“It was always stupid things,” said Courtney. “My parents were white, and I was from the Caribbean. I didn’t fit. I was angry at the world for a long time.”

After high school, Courtney found work as a detailer at a car dealership.

Racism continued to be a problem in Courtney’s life, with coworkers hurling slurs at him. Courtney didn’t always handle it well, with his anger getting the best of him – to the point where he lost his job. Courtney was unable to keep up with rent payments, becoming homeless.

Courtney struggled while living in shelter, turning to drugs and getting addicted to fentanyl in the process.

Living in House of Friendship’s supportive housing at Eby Village, however, has given Courtney newfound stability and purpose.

Because he is able to work one-on-one with a staff member to help him define and work on his personal goals, Courtney has made some changes in his life, including to his substance use.

“It makes a difference to have someone to talk to,” said Courtney. “Sometimes my plate gets full and I feel overwhelmed. They can help me break it down into manageable, bite-sized pieces, and help me figure things out.”

Courtney is applying to enter an addiction treatment program, and attends counselling sessions in the meantime.

He’s also found a stronger sense of community, attending supportive housing events, including when rapper Colichee visited in 2019, giving Courtney a chance to showcase his own musical talent.

Your support helps Courtney see a future with infinite possibility. Despite the many challenges he’s had to face, he’s ready to begin again, thanks to you!

“If I couldn’t stay here, I don’t know what I’d do,” said Courtney. “I wouldn’t be able to make these changes in my life.”

Posted on: July 30th, 2022

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