Thank You for Donating!

Thank you for your generosity and kindness to help our neighbours in need, who turn to our Emergency Food Hamper program for help during a difficult season of life.

Mavis and Joe were able to begin again, thanks to you!

When you donate, you are doing more than just providing food. You are providing hope and the chance to start again for people like Mavis and Joe.

Mavis and Joe both had steady work, in good paying jobs. They managed to pay their bills on time, and were helping their three oldest children go to university. They didn’t have any extra set aside, but they were managing.

That all changed when Joe, 52 at the time, was admitted to hospital with a brain bleed.

He ended up in a coma for the next nine months – and Mavis was suddenly unable to work, and not sure where to turn. It took tremendous courage for her to walk into our Emergency Food Hampers program.

Your gift will help people like Mavis and Joe – thank you!

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