A Beautiful Friendship

Mike and Jen Kuhl didn’t find House of Friendship. “It’s like House of Friendship found us,” said Mike.

Mike and Jen Kuhl found their calling as volunteers and donors through the February Potato Blitz.

Mike drives a garbage truck. Just over a decade ago, he heard a series of radio ads that changed his life.

As he drove, Mike kept hearing about House of Friendship’s February Potato Blitz, and the need for volunteers to help local families needing food.

By the time Mike hear the final ad of the day, he was ready to volunteers.

That year, Mike and Jen served as store captains, organizing the fundraising efforts at a local grocery store and gathering together a team of like-minded people to help out, including their daughters.

“Our youngest ended up making a jingle with one of her friends, and we had so much fun,”

said Mike.

It was the start of a great friendship – one that led to more volunteer opportunities, including serving on committees of the board and helping out at Turkey Trucks. The more they learned about the need in their community, the more they wanted to help. It seemed only natural to start donating.

“In a perfect world, there would be no need for Emergency Food Hampers,” said Jen. But she noticed how House of Friendship not only met the needs that community members were facing, but looked at deeper issues like addiction and preventative work in low-income neighbourhoods.

“They’re doing the whole range at House of Friendship,” said Jen. “You’re helping children and families in ways that might help them escape poverty. It’s giving people more chances.”

Knowing that their donations would have a lasting impact made it all the more meaningful to Mike and Jen.

“We could see the result of our donations,” said Mike. “It felt good.”

“You don’t donate to feel good; that’s not the motivation,” added Jen. “But it’s just sort of an end result of it. It’s nice to know our donations are making a difference.”

Posted on: August 13th, 2021

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