You don’t have to face it alone. We’re here to help.

On our journey to help end homelessness in Waterloo Region, House of Friendship provides shelter for men as well as long-term, permanent supportive housing for single adults.


House of Friendship provides emergency shelter to 100 men using our ShelterCare model of care, where 100 individuals experiencing chronic homelessness receive 24/7 care and support, including onsite health care, addiction and mental health supports.


How to Access Regional Shelter Services:

  • Call 519-624-9133 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The Region’s Pocket Card Guide provides a list of food and housing resources such as shelter locations, meal drop-in services, and street outreach programs in the region.

Support for the Shelter:

Learn More ShelterCare:

Read more about ShelterCare, our innovative approach that provides 24/7 care and support to individuals experiencing chronic homelessness in Waterloo Region.


Supportive & Affordable Housing

Supportive housing at Charles Village and Eby Village for those living on low income who may have experienced homelessness. Program includes on-site supports to maintain independent living. House of Friendship currently partners with the Region of Waterloo to provide affordable housing for adults living in Waterloo region. 


Supportive Housing is affordable permanent housing for those who have experienced chronic homelessness, with on-site supports to maintain independent living. Many residents are served by a support team that provides on-site personal support for tenants with a strengths-based, harm reduction, recovery-focused approach that includes access to specialized supports from partner services and fosters and promotes community integration.

To make a referral or to determine eligibility, please email paths@lutherwood.ca or call 519-749-2450. 

Individualized support is provided to maintain tenancy for eligible tenants, who are all invited to participate in community-building activities.

Support for Supportive Housing:

  • Funding is provided by the Region of Waterloo
  • In-kind donations of services and supplies are gratefully accepted

Affordable Housing: 

House of Friendship currently partners with the Region of Waterloo to provide affordable housing for adults living in Waterloo region. 

If you are interested in applying to the Community Housing waitlist, we encourage you to visit this link for further information. 

More Information:

If you are in need of emergency shelter and you are an individual over the age of 18 please call 519-624-9133. 

If you are a youth between the ages of 12-18 in need of shelter please call 519-749-1450 or drop by Safe Haven Youth Services at 41 Weber St. W. 

If you are a family in need of shelter please call 519-749-2450 or email fitreferrals@lutherwood.ca 

For other housing related supports please visit the following link https://www.lutherwood.ca/housing 

First We Eat

(45 minute audio documentary)

This documentary focuses on the importance of food and diet for the well-being of the homeless and those with mental illness or addictions, centering on House of Friendship and the work that’s being done with the men who reside there.

Listeners are allowed access into the lives of the residents and hear their stories told by themselves… and the front-line workers who try to help these men find their way back to society.

Food is the thread and Sandra Wall, kitchen coordinator for 35 years, is the person listeners will come to respect as the voice of compassion and empathy.

80+ years ago House of Friendship was founded on the premise that a hot, nutritious meal can help in the road to recovery.

Writer/Reporter: Daiene Vernile 

Producer/Editor – Paul Francescutti