A Legacy of Love – Past, Present and Future!

Building a life of love together after finding each other at House of Friendship’s strawberry social, Juanita Metzger and Trent Bauman are leaving a legacy of love with a Gift in their Wills.

For Juanita Metzger and Trent Bauman, House of Friendship is a significant part of their life story.

That’s because they met each other years ago at House of Friendship’s Annual General Meeting – during the strawberry social! 

“We just happened to sit down beside each other, and then just started chatting, and the rest is history,” said Trent. 

Juanita had been working for House of Friendship through our Neighbourhoods programs, supporting families living on low income. 

“I had always known about House of Friendship as a child because my parents’ church would always do projects for them,” said Juanita. “They would grow corn or beans, or a vegetable that they would then harvest, prepare, freeze and donate.” 

When they met, Trent was serving on the Board of Directors. He had started 20 years earlier on the property committee because of his background in construction at Menno S. Martin Contractor Ltd. 

This strong history is part of why Juanita and Trent have decided to leave a Gift in their Will to House of Friendship. 

“When I think of what House of Friendship has evolved and grown to now, I see that they’re constantly moving with the community and meeting community needs,” said Trent. “And I feel that’s going to just continue in the future. So, I think leaving a Gift in my Will is a good thing to do.” 

“This kind of gift is one way to say there is something I can do to meet the challenges our community faces. It’s a meaningful way that we can contribute to the future.”

For Juanita, the beauty of leaving a gift in this way is that it is “something anyone can do – and I’m seeing the word ‘can’ in capital letters. Even a small amount over time can grow to support the organization in so many different ways. It’s a great thing to do.”

Posted on: December 16th, 2022

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