Because You Helped Katealyn, Now She’s Helping Others

Katealyn went back to school, thanks to you!

Katealyn’s life has come full circle.

When she was young, her mother received support from House of Friendship’s Live and Learn program, getting support to help her manage day-to-day challenges of being a single mother.

Years later, Katealyn also turned to House of Friendship for help.

After a difficult relationship ended, Katealyn found herself caring for her two young children on her own. She was unable to work because she couldn’t afford child care on minimum wage.

“It wasn’t easy being on my own,” said Katealyn. “I felt isolated and alone. I didn’t know if I could do it.”

She was paying market rent at the time while living on Ontario Works, making it extremely challenging to make ends meet.

Katealyn found support through House of Friendship programs at Sunnydale Community Centre, including Family Outreach, after-school programs and food when money was tight. She gained the sense of community she sorely needed.

“They made me feel like its okay to get some help,” said Katealyn. “You’re not judged.”

Katealyn made sure to take advantage of many community activities at Sunnydale. Finding fun activities for her children meant a great deal for her, knowing that she couldn’t always afford to plan outings for them.

Because of you, Katealyn got the breathing room she needed.

Katealyn returned to school while still on Ontario Works, and today she is a registered practical nurse at a local nursing home! Your faithful support is helping Katealyn – and other like her – overcome the odds stacked against them!

“The emotional support and advice I received when I was doing this on my own meant so much,” said Katealyn. “I’m on the right track now,” and it feels good.”

Posted on: July 23rd, 2021

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