Family Outreach Program – Kitchener

If you are living on low income and have children 17 years of age and younger, you can access support from the Family Outreach Program!  Family Outreach workers are found throughout Kitchener.  You can meet with your own Family Outreach worker in your neighbourhood.  You can call, email or text to get in touch :

Victoria Hills & Area – Serving Westmount, Victoria Hills/Cherry Hill/Grand River Hospital

West Heights – Serving Highland West and Forest Heights areas

Downtown Kitchener & Bridgeport – Serving Bridgeport/Breithaupt/Mt. Hope, Frederick/Rosemount/Auditorium, Downtown Kitchener & Area

Grand River – Serving Grand River/Stanley Park/Chicopee and Heritage Park

Southwest Kitchener – Serving Alpine/Laurentian, Southwest Kitchener and Country Hills/Huron Area

Vanier – Serving Vanier/Rockway

Doon & Pioneer Park – Serving Doon/Pioneer Park, Hidden Valley/Pioneer Tower