I Learned to Give Back in My Childhood

Anna Mae Steinman grew up in a community of faith that taught her to give back. That’s one reason why she’s leaving a gift in her Will to House of Friendship.

Anna Mae Steinman grew up as part of a strongly connected community.

As a young Amish girl, Anna Mae was always surrounded by loved ones. She had cousins to play “house” with – often with the cousins themselves serving as “dolls.” Her aging grandfather, rather than moving to a nursing home, was cared for at home.

At a young age, Anna Mae was taught to take on the responsibilities that came from being part of a larger community. She often had to prepare meals for construction workers who were boarding at her house.

“In my faith and in my family, it was always expected that you give back,” said Anna Mae.

“I did the gardening, and also the cooking for those guys when my mother was gone,” said Anna Mae. “When I think back now, what I had to do at 14… most 14-year-olds wouldn’t know how to cook dinner for six men plus the threshers when they did the harvesting on the farm. I learned how to work.”

Anna Mae met her husband, Floyd, when she was 10. They went to the same little country school together and started dating when they were 16. By the time Anna Mae turned 21, they were married and getting ready to raise a family of their own.

Floyd sadly passed away earlier this year after a lengthy battle with brain cancer. Anna Mae and Floyd had been married 61 years, living and working together in the Wellesley area, continuing to be part of a large community of friends and family, including their church.

It’s that sense of community that has guided Anna Mae.

Anna Mae has given back in many ways, volunteering at House of Friendship, both as a committee member and with our annual Christmas Hamper program.

Together, she and Floyd decided that they want to ensure the work of House of Friendship will continue. That’s why they have chosen to give a gift in their Will to House of Friendship.

“House of Friendship is a good organization that has been around for a long time, and I think they will continue to be there. I want to support that.”

To learn more about leaving a gift in your Will to House of Friendship, visit www.houseoffriendship.org/Wills.

Posted on: November 27th, 2020

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