Supportive Housing and Community Hub on Charles

The Project

Supportive Housing is more than a new place to live – it’s a home!

At House of Friendship, we believe in new beginnings – and we know that you do as well!

Our Supportive Housing and Community Hub on Charles will provide more than just a place to stay – it will provide a community for individuals who are recovering from homelessness!

At House of Friendship, supportive housing means a multi-pronged approach that not only provides geared-to-income rent, it also provides additional supports meant to meet the complex needs of individuals who are exiting homelessness.

With the Supportive Housing and Community Hub on Charles, our approach to supportive housing goes even further, by creating a “community hub” with additional supports.

Designed with the needs of tenants in mind

Designed by WalterFedy, with extensive input from direct-service staff, health care providers and existing tenants, this building will replace the aging former shelter building at 63 Charles St. E. which is no longer needed as shelter participants transition to our new ShelterCare facility at 190 Weber St. N.

The new facility will serve three purposes:

  • Create 72 new long-term supportive housing units for individuals experiencing homelessness at the new residence;
  • Provide a “community hub” of supports for 150 supportive and affordable housing residents in Eby, Charles, and Cedar Village;
  • Provide new administrative offices for House of Friendship.

The new facility has been designed with careful thought and consideration to meet the long-term needs of community members:

Communal spaces on each floor.
Walking track and gym to promote health and wellness.

This project is part of the solution to Waterloo Region’s housing crisis by providing more than housing – it’s providing a home that will help individuals exit homelessness for good!

To learn more about Village on Charles and the Supportive Housing Community Hub, or find out how you can help bring this exciting vision to life, please contact Development Director Margaret Lucas at, or 519-742-8327 x 122.


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