Food Hampers Bring People Together

It’s often said that food brings people together.  Shared meals encourage connection, spark conversation, and foster togetherness.  But what about those struggling to put food on the table?

Karen is a volunteer with the Emergency Food Hamper Program.

As a chef, Karen understands the importance of sharing a meal with friends and family.  When she packs hampers for people in need, she puts careful thought into what each individual and family might require to put together a meal that celebrates love and laughter.

“I know what it takes to put together a cohesive meal,” says Karen, citing her experience in the culinary industry.  At the Emergency Food Hamper Program, she can often be heard kindly explaining to participants how an item she’s packed can be transformed into an easy meal that is both nourishing and unifying.

“Something like vegetable broth,” she smiles.

It is just one example of the small interactions Karen shares with program participants that touch her heart and “bring joy”.

For Karen, her volunteer position reinforces the importance of demonstrating dignity for others. It exemplifies the need in her community. It teaches her to respond with compassion.

And it is a continued testament to the power of food in bringing people together. Sometimes, with something as simple as vegetable broth.

Posted on: April 22nd, 2021

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