Growing Future Leaders

Fredlyne and Estera are growing into confident young leaders, through leading camp programs for children like Emily.

This year, March break provided an opportunity for leadership and growth for two young women in the Courtland Shelley community.

Through our Youth Leadership Program that your support makes possible, Fredlyne and Estera, both 16, had a chance to plan an entire March break camp for local children.

Both girls have strong connections to House of Friendship’s work at the Courtland Shelley Community Centre, with Fredlyne attending day camp when she was younger, and Estera joining in a few years ago.

They were excited to have the opportunity to run this year’s March break camp.

“I grew up here, and I went to all the programs,” said Fredlyne. “It’s exciting to me to be working with the kids that I know pretty well, and develop a program just for them.”

“I think this is a great opportunity for me to gain more experience in being a leader,” said Estera.

The teenagers met several times before March break, with guidance and support from Feden, House of Friendship’s Neighbourhood Program Leader. Together, they created weeklong programming including the logistics for two day trips – one to Sky Zone, and another to a movie.

They researched games for the children, including fun competitions like picking up and moving Tic Tacs with tweezers, or trying to dislodge ping pong balls from an empty tissue box worn around the waist – without using hands.

“At first, running the camp was very nerve wracking knowing we were the ones in charge,” said Fredlyne. “But it was also rewarding. The best part for me was to see the kids really enjoy the program.”

Feden said he watched Fredlyne and Estera work hard to welcome new kids, and help put them at ease. The effort they put into additional research to bring new games to the camp were also a hit.

“I’m very proud of them – they did a great job.”

Your support of Neighbourhoods programs makes it possible for youth like Estera and Fredlyne to have the opportunity to try new things, build leadership skills and allow their natural strengths and skills shine – thank you!

Posted on: July 22nd, 2022

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