$50 = A Warm Night Out of the Cold

Man looking at camera and smiling.

“Get a job, you loser!”

I still remember how it felt when an angry man hurled this insult at me, as I got ready to sleep in my car for the night.

The truth was, I already had a job. I just didn’t have a place to stay.

Homelessness isn’t what some people think. We’re not lazy, and we don’t deserve this – no one does. Being homeless is not who I am. It’s where I am, right now.

Today, you can provide a warm night out of the cold for guys like me, along with 24/7 care and support to help us get healthier and housed, and exit the cycle of homelessness for good. Will you rise to the challenge, and help men like me today?

Man looking at camera and smiling.

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