The Value of Helping Others: Anna Mae’s Story

Meet Anna Mae

“I’ve been feeding people all my life – and I have no plans to stop anytime soon! In fact, thanks to House of Friendship, I’m going to be feeding people for a long time to come.”

Anna Mae knows that a Gift in her Will can help feed future generations.

Anna Mae Steinman grew up as part of a strongly connected community.

As a young Amish girl, Anna Mae was always surrounded by loved ones.

She had cousins to play “house” with – often with the cousins themselves serving as “dolls.” Her aging grandfather, rather than moving to a nursing home, was cared for at home.

At a young age, Anna Mae was taught to take on the responsibilities that came from being part of a larger community. She often had to prepare meals for construction workers who were boarding at her house.

“I did the gardening, and also the cooking for those guys when my mother was gone,” said Anna Mae. “When I think back now, what I had to do at 14… most 14-year-olds wouldn’t know how to cook dinner for six men plus the threshers when they did the harvesting on the farm. I learned how to work.”