To Belong is a Powerful Thing: John’s Story

John knows how it feels when you don’t belong. For him, his role at House of Friendship isn’t a job, it’s a calling.

Meet John Neufeld

“Feeling excluded is one of the most painful things we as humans can experience. I know, because I’ve felt it myself.”

If you’ve ever experienced the burn of rejection or the loneliness of being on the outside looking in and feeling like you didn’t belong, then you know how deeply painful this can be. It’s not a hurt that you easily forget, right?

Our collective strength as a community and how we have risen to challenges like no other in recent months is what defines us. Your many acts of kindness continue to make me so proud to be a part of the humanity we foster together.

At House of Friendship, I witness the impact of your kindness and compassion towards others every day. A little goes a very long way, especially for those who live on the margins of society.

While you are probably familiar with me for my role at House of Friendship, it’s my personal story that fuels my passion for what I do. Like you are, I’m deeply committed to being there for those people in our community who need it the very most. And reflecting on that commitment – on what it means to build people up for the future – led me to a very important decision: to include a gift in my Will to House of Friendship.


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