“I Squeeze My Money and Keep Going”

The cost of living is making it even more difficult for Michael, who does all he can to stretch his money to make ends meet.

Everything is costing more these days.

Few people know this more than Michael.

Every week, Michael, 66, visits Chandler Mowat Community Centre, to supplement his limited income with food at House of Friendship’s weekly food distribution program.

He also finds many other ways to try and save money, whether it is collecting empty beer cans, or scouring the flyers for what’s on sale. Even so, some weeks are more challenging than others.

“Right now, there’s such a high cost of living – rents are high, everything costs more. When you are on a fixed income, times are hard.” – Michael

Michael is also dealing with loss since his wife died in August after years of living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

“I’m all on my own now. With her gone, I just sit and stare at the walls.”

Michael lives with a disability, and finds it difficult to walk. He often uses a scooter to get around – even when he’s out collecting beer cans to pull together a few extra dollars, or going from store to store to try and find the best deals to stretch his limited government pension benefits.

It means a lot to him that he can get food support close to home, without having to travel a long way. Your support of our Neighbourhoods programs provides the help that Michael really needs.

When Michael goes to pick up his food, he also gets more than his basic necessities. He gets to see the same people every week, and connect with others who are also struggling. Those moments of belonging are even more meaningful now that his wife is gone.

Michael is thankful for the support he receives, but wishes everything wasn’t such a struggle.

“I wish that I would be able to afford things without having to skimp. I’d like to move, but the rents are way too high for me,” said Michael. “Instead, I flip through the flyers, and see what’s on sale. I squeeze my money for the rest of the month, and keep going.”

Posted on: May 25th, 2022

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