“Mr. Wayne” Helps Students Thrive

Wayne joins the main Zoom call and watches students of all ages flicker to life on his screen.  He is a virtual tutor with the Sunnydale Community Centre.  The program, called Homework Club, used to take place in person, but moved online at the beginning of the pandemic.  Each student is paired up with their own tutor.

Wayne, a Virtual Tutor, brings enthusiasm and positivity to online Homework Club.

Wayne’s student arrives and cheerfully says, “Oh, hi Mr. Wayne!”

Wayne and his student engage in one-on-one learning and use the quiet space to practice problem-solving, reading, writing, or math skills.

“There are children who will go back to school the next morning feeling more ready for their test and more empowered to answer a question with confidence,” says Wayne, when asked why Homework Club volunteers are important. “But big picture? These children are going to seize future opportunities and navigate change because they’ll have a stronger skillset and sense of self-worth.”

Virtual tutors empower their students to continue learning.  For Wayne, Homework Club is an opportunity for youth to develop as learners, gain independence, and keep doors open to positive future learning experiences.

Compassionate volunteers like Wayne make it possible for youth to learn, grow, and succeed, even in a pandemic. Thank you to all of our volunteers during National Volunteer Week!

Posted on: April 19th, 2021

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