Our Son is the Reason Why

Karen and Peter Bjerland want future generation to get the help they need.

Karen knows what it’s like to have success in her career. She also knows what it is like to struggle as a parent.

For many years, Karen served as the CEO of FaithLife Financial before retiring. She has also worked as the Executive Director of Community Justice Initiatives. In both roles, she has been inspired by the generosity and faith of her community.

At home, things have been more difficult. She and her husband Peter adopted their son Jake*, who had a rough start in life. He lived in 19 different foster homes in just his first 24 months of life.

“Jake got lost in a great deal of turmoil and difficulty. He was on the streets, in trouble with the law. A lot of the time we didn’t know where he was.”

“This was a tremendously difficult journey and without organizations like House of Friendship, I can’t imagine how we would have weathered it. Because throughout that period, our son was able to spend time there, get a meal, be safe, get care and support and be a person in his own right.”

Karen believes that’s what made the difference for Jake. And by leaving a gift to House of Friendship in her Will, she knows House of Friendship will be able to walk alongside many other sons and daughters as well.

“There will always be people in our community who need help; perhaps for a short time, perhaps for a long time. So we want to make sure that help doesn’t run out by leaving a gift in our Will.”

Posted on: September 3rd, 2021

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