Overcoming Grief and Loss

Denise knows about loss.

Over a short period of time, Denise lost three family members – first her parents, and then, a few months later, her brother also suddenly passed away.

Denise and Majesti have a home of their own, thanks to you!

The grief was overwhelming, making it difficult to cope. When a family member suggested she move nearby to get additional support, Denise jumped at the chance.

“I trusted a family member that I thought cared about us, and had our best interests at heart, only to realize that they wanted to have me nearby to take what I have. What that person did was pretty much take all my money and put me and my family out on the street.”

Denise and her adult son, Majesti, ended up homeless, living in a shelter.

“It was incredibly difficult. Majesti was used to living in a house with his own room. I felt terrible – it was because I made a bad decision that he had to suffer.

When Majesti was young, he suffered a severe head injury that still affects him to this day. He isn’t able to live on his own, and needs supervision – making it impossible for Denise to work.

After a year in shelter, Denise and Majesti thankfully found a new place to call home through House of Friendship’s Supportive Housing program at Eby Village.

Your support allows Denise and Majesti see a future of hope and possibility, in spite of the challenges they face. Thank you!

In addition to affordable rent geared to her income on Ontario Works, Denise receives ongoing support from her worker, Ayshen, as she begins to build a new life.

“It’s just so good to have someone to talk to, to get some of the tough stuff out, so you can kind of function the next few days. It makes a difference to know someone is there to support you, that you aren’t alone.”

Posted on: August 6th, 2021

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