ShelterCare Renovations

Renovations are now underway!

Earlier this year, we announced a new home for our ShelterCare program, with the purchase of 190 Weber St. N in Waterloo (formerly Comfort Inn), thanks to $8.5 million in capital funding received from the Province of Ontario as announced by MPP Mike Harris, along with capital financing support of $570,000 annually from the Region of Waterloo, and a $2,000,000 social finance loan from the Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation.

The City of Waterloo has also been an incredible partner by providing excellent support and guidance through the building permit process, and helping facilitate open communication with our new neighbours.

Renovations are now underway.

Work has begun to make this new building ready to provide the ShelterCare model — 24/7 shelter and staffing, along with onsite medical care, addiction and mental health counselling, housing supports, and other programming. With these wrap around services, we know men experiencing homelessness can become healthier and housed.

Thanks to WalterFedy (providing project design and engineering support) and general contractor Nith Valley Construction for their great work on undertaking renovations that include the creation of an onsite medical clinic, dedicated areas for medical isolation, communal spaces for gatherings including group programs and services, as well as dedicated spaces for intake, counselling and housing supports.  In addition to efficiency upgrades, significant changes are also required to add accessibility to this facility.  We are also improving external elements like fencing.

These renovations are designed to ensure the best possible outcomes for those will be served at this location.

The expected completion date is Fall 2022.

Why Renovate?

A Neighbour’s Perspective

Council’s Corner

WalterFedy as Project Designer

















Here are some photos of the work underway!

We will continue to share ShelterCare renovation updates on this page, as well in our Friendship News newsletter and on our social media channels.

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As part of our commitment to keeping our neighbours informed, we provided this communication to the surrounding area on the morning of Jan. 12.






In November 2021, we announced the temporary pause in our shelter services while we worked towards securing a long-term location to run our innovative ShelterCare program. To read the updates we provided at the time, please click on the links below.