Staying Connected, Thanks to You!

Dulce is happy to be volunteering once again at Kingsdale Community Centre, where she can help others and build strong connections with her community.

For Dulce, being able to stay connected during COVID-19 has been a lifeline for her family.

Dulce, a wife and mother of two young children, moved to Canada two years ago from Mexico, and was just starting to get to know people in the Kingsdale community by volunteering at the Neighbourhood Food Distribution program.

“That probably saved me. When I first came here, I was sad. I didn’t know anybody, and I wanted to go back to my country. I just wanted to talk to somebody.”

When the pandemic hit, it was a real blow to Dulce, who wasn’t able to see the community of friends she had made. She was no longer able to volunteer.

But, slowly, as programs began coming back in safe and distanced ways, Dulce was able to make strong connections once  again, including returning to her role as a volunteer.

Your support of our COVID-19 Emergency Response helped people like Dulce stay connected during the pandemic – thank you!

“These are my new friends – we cry, we laugh, we are happy together.”

She has especially enjoyed being able to improve her cooking alongside her children, through online cooking classes.

“Now I know more, like ways to use produce that I didn’t know before. I am using the oven now, and making new things,” said Dulce. “I also learned a lot of words in English.”

Dulce said that she has noticed a new closeness in her community, as she goes to the Neighbourhood Food distribution program to pick up food for her family.

“Now we are closer as a community,” said Dulce.

“The food is amazing, but it is not the thing I appreciate most. It’s that we are together.”

Posted on: December 18th, 2020

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