The Fullness of Community

Sue and Deb are happy to have a supportive place to call home.

For Sue, Eby Village is more than a place to live; it’s a community. This makes it different from any other place she has called home. “People talk to each other and spend time together and help each other.”

Built in 1990, Eby Village is one of House of Friendship’s supportive housing communities. Here, residents not only have affordable housing, they also receive one-on-one support, as well as opportunities to build connection and belonging.

Many supportive housing residents have previously experienced homelessness, so connecting with a caring community is an important part of rebuilding their lives.

Sue serves on tenant council, working to build a stronger sense of community at Eby Village. The last two years have been hard, as COVID-19 prevented chances to connect. Meetings, bake sales, barbecues, and other community activities were put on hold.

Deb has lived in Eby Village for 32 years and enjoys chatting with other residents and helping those around her. The pandemic has been lonely for her.

Now, as warmer weather and eased restrictions allow, Sue is looking forward to welcoming the many new residents who have moved in during the pandemic. “That is the biggest thing for me, just reconnecting with people.”

Deb has hope for renewed connection too. She recently attended one of the first coffee times since the last lockdown.

“Having coffee time together, being able to communicate with others; it’s awesome. It’s like going from a stillness to a fullness.”

Thank you for walking alongside individuals who are recovering from homelessness. You give the gift of connection and community!

Posted on: June 24th, 2022

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