Your Help Allows Susan to Face the Future

Wanda Zimmerman hugs Susan, an Emergency Food Hamper recipient.

It all began with a hug.

Susan had been through a lot. She had just left an emotionally abusive relationship, and was struggling. She had moved to Kitchener, with her only connection a family member.

At 62 years of age and reeling from the drastic change her life had taken, Susan was unable to work. Susan knew she needed support, but it was so hard to ask for it.

When she showed up at House of Friendship’s Emergency Food Hamper program, it took her 10 minutes to even walk through the door.

“I was scared, humiliated and not trusting of mankind,” said Susan. “I was sad and embarrassed, and felt guilty asking for help.”

Susan gathered her courage, walked through the door and was pleasantly surprised. She was greeted by Wanda Zimmerman, a long-time House of Friendship team member, who took one look and asked Susan if she wanted a hug.

The warm welcome made it easy for Susan to let her emotions out. Here was someone who cared. “Wanda helped me feel valued and more comfortable,” said Susan. “I knew it was okay to ask for help.”

More than 18,000 people like Susan receive emergency food hampers every year. Your generosity gives men, women and children the strength they need to get through a difficult season.

Susan has since gone back to school, completing a course in palliative care, with full honours. Thanks to your generous support, Susan can now face the future.

Posted on: July 30th, 2018

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